organisation development

A new approach is needed

So many of the challenges facing businesses and organisations today are complex and non-linear in nature and therefore do not respond to cause and effect problem solving.

We believe, in any system, change is always happening and that this presents an ongoing opportunity for something new and better to emerge. We work with all stakeholders to co-create generative solutions that go beyond ‘fixing’ current problems to creating flourishing futures.

Seeing beyond

Our work encourages maximum engagement and empowerment; ensuring that the organisation begins to recognise and listen to the tacit knowledge and insights available.

In doing so we uncover the capacity for working through complexity and uncertainty to challenge, adapt and innovate for the future.

group development

Moving beyond “stuck”

High-performing groups and teams are critical to organisational success, although it is not uncommon for them to go through phases that feel less productive. Through realise, evolve, transform, we enable teams to understand the source of their team dynamics and create a shared dialogue. This encourages them to envision the future and work together in a more collaborative way.

Additionally, we may introduce the Authentic Power Potential into the group dynamic; the implications for developing new and innovative solutions is boundless. This work is highly sensitive to the current circumstances and needs of the team and as such each response is tailor-made.

leadership development

Coming home to your own authentic leadership

Our leadership programmes explore the dimensions of clarity, creativity, connection, compassion and courage in relation to our Authentic Power Potential.

Our coaching and facilitation works to establish a personal leadership platform that is sustainably reliable, responsive and resourceful.

We are experienced at working at all levels of leadership talent development – from identifying and developing high potential leaders of the future through to supporting senior executives navigate strategic business challenges.

executive wellbeing

Leaving overwhelm behind

We offer a highly impactful, discreet and confidential service for Executives who are concerned about stress or burnout. Our approach is not therapeutic in nature and enables an individual to reconcile their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Through supportive conversations we help people explore where the source of their stress and burnout is coming from and help them realise their connection to their constant wellbeing. There will not be any prescribed techniques or practices that have to be maintained and they will not have to ‘work at it’ going forward. A very freeing solution to a seemingly difficult problem.