social projects

Where we aim to make a difference

In addition to our work with organisations, we support transformational change with young people and marginalised communities.

We collaborate with organisations to enable the delivery of wellbeing programmes to young people (8 – 25 years old) and people from marginalised communities. We support these organisations in essential activities such as business strategy, communications and fundraising.

We participate in the delivery of the programmes through project management; coaching and facilitation. The programmes are educational in nature and support people to realise their individual resilience and wellbeing.

affiliated organisations

IHEART is a preventative educational project dedicated to educating young people about their natural resilience, innate health and mental wellbeing. It is a step change in how to work with young people around the topic of their mental health and wellbeing and we are working to establish it in the school curriculum.

Freedom Thinking is run by Jenny Anderson and Dave Elleray. Together they have significant experience of sharing the psychological understanding behind the nature of life. Their work centres around their challenge that although Life can appear hard at times; in one profound moment of realisation it can start to become simpler with a potential to last a life time and that our ability to understand more has no bounds. They have supported communities in Nepal after the recent earthquake and delivered programmes into the townships in South Africa.

our projects

Currently delivering an IHEART programme to a group of Year 9 boys in Ernest Bevin College in Tooting Bec. This also involves delivering resiliency workshops for parents.