enabling sustainable change for individuals,for organisations,for communities

You will revolutionise the way you think about change.

We are a boutique consultancy enabling sustainable change for individuals, organisations and communities.

We are interested in the human dimension of change and the power behind the psychological principles underpinning our experience. Considering change is constant we work with the certainty that every human being in a system has unlimited untapped potential and a significant contribution to make.

Our work centres around the enabling process of realise, evolve, transform. We enable individuals to drive their own personal change through skilled coaching and facilitation.



Together we explore the logic of the psychological principles underpinning our experience and we point to the nature of where our power comes from. When we see this at play we are able to uncover new freedoms and choices. Insight drives learning.



There is an invisible and subtractive nature to our learning process. When we let go of limiting psychological factors a new way of being unfolds. Together we create a generative dialogue and both recognise and celebrate the subtle shifts in personal change.



Untapping our authentic power brings new individual strengths to the fore. We empower the unique and personal nature of each individual, their potential and their contribution. We support taking new action and outcomes that are sustainable.

Authentic Power Potential

Supporting Social Action

Papillon Consultancy has a clear social purpose.

We believe that doing business can be a tool for social change. We advocate responsible and sustainable business practices and maintain an ethical supply chain.

We are passionate and committed to our social projects and work with affiliated organisations to improve the lives of young people and marginalised communities.